Divorce Cost In Fairfax Virginia

To acquire a separation in Virginia, possibly you or your companion must be an occupant of Virginia for no less than a half year before petitioning for separate. In the event that there are no kids from the marriage, you should be separated for at least a half year and have a property settlement agreement before you may petition for separate. In the event that there are kids from the marriage, you should be separated at least one year before you may petition for separate.

If you choose to you speak for yourself, you will be relied upon to take after the same methods as any lawyer. Kindly don’t approach court staff for lawful consultation, advice or help. Court personnel are prohibited by state law from giving you lawful counsel or help. You are recommended to enlist a lawyer as soon as possible.

There are a few distinct steps when petitioning for a divorce. We have worked with the Fairfax Bar Association to build up a bundle to enable you to comprehend the lawful methods required to get a separation.

The Divorce Complaint is filed in the Circuit Court, Civil Intake Division, along with the following:

  • VS-4 State Statistical Form
  • Domestic Case Coversheet

Civil Fees –
All expenses are payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court by cash, clerk’s check or cash order. Personal checks are not options because they will be not be accepted.

  • Filing Fee – fee required to file a Divorce Complaint
  • Service Fee

If the Defendant lives in Virginia, you may serve her/him through the Office of the Sheriff.

If the Defendant does not live in Virginia, you should make the arrangements to have the documents served.

In the event that the Defendant will acknowledge the service of the records, you may have the reports sent to you; or the Defendant may go to the Circuit Court Civil Intake Division to sign the records/documents and acknowledge service.

  • Resume Maiden Name Fee

After the separation is final, see the Records page for information about getting a confirmed duplicate of your Final Decree of Divorce personally or through the mail.

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